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Untitled WIP

Author: xunsafexsafex (kat)
Word count: 905 so far
Characters: Jake Roberts, Stephen Wright
Rating: R-ish
Summary: Jake and Stephen come home on leave for the summer but don't bother going home. Yet again, Jake tries not to think too hard about what's going on.
Notes: Not finished at all, but I want to get this out here because I like it so far and it establishes Stephen a lot more than Carcinogens.

He wants it to be tomorrow already so nothing can be differentCollapse )


Author: xunsafexsafex (Kat)
Word Count: 965
Characters: Jake Roberts, Lady No-Name
Rating: R, I guess
Summary: Jake and Lady attempting to have something like a relationship.
Notes: Lady is not the actual name of a character. She's a girl Jake met at a bar who never bothered to tell him her name and he doesn't ask, even though they're some kind of friends. Mostly she just gets bored in the middle of the night and calls him, and if he doesn't want to go out she calls him a pussy. He doesn't like that, so he goes. He's just someone for her to talk to (read: pick on), and he avoids thinking too much about why he hangs out with her. There's a couple fics with her that came before this, those'll be posted later.

"I need you to come pick me up."Collapse )

Not to Scale

Author: pizzanotamoney (Allison)
Word Count: 776
Characters: Jake Roberts, Keith Evans
Summary: Jake meets Keith in a bar at the onset of the Vietnam War.

You wanna dispute this with me?Collapse )

Carcinogens and the Night

Author: xunsafexsafex  (Kat)
Word Count: 1,255
Characters: Jake Roberts, Stephen Wright, Hans Dietrich
Summary: Christmas 1914, when English and French soldiers played soccer against German soldiers as a brief respite from the war.

"Know what day it is?"Collapse )